About Us

If you live in Baltimore, you have most likely seen a rat. Maybe while taking the trash out, maybe one ran across your feet while crossing the street. Maybe one ate your German Sheperd and swallowed it whole.

The idea of the Baltimore rat sticker, was created one night while sitting in the back yard of a Charles Village home. Some neighbors were sitting on a deck, and also doing one of their favorite activities: watching the parade of rats do spins, flips and acrobatics while frolicking from yard to yard.

That's when a light bulb went off! Baltimore never really had one of those "Euro" stickers that is bought while traveling to different places. Baltimore is also, well......... kind of gritty. The idea of putting what most cities would not even like to claim....rats, on a bumper sticker was brilliant for Baltimore!

If you live in Baltimore, or have spent minimal time here, you will almost instantly understand when people ask, "why a rat for Baltimore?" It gives citizens a way to own, and claim Baltimore, and shows Charm city's people love their city, but don't mind a little grit in their teeth!

Who Created It?

The ideas behind all of the designs comes from Artist, Matt Fouse. You have most likely seen him around, maybe dressed in a very large rat costume, while at a local festival. Matt also designs and creates furniture and metal art, that can be found for sale in and around Baltimore.